How do we get started with our new home plans?

Wow, simple question and a complicated answer. Ask yourself what it is you want in your home? Be very honest with yourself. Likely you have worked long and hard to have the home you want, so think it through. Design and build what you will use. Otherwise, it is excess space to be paid for and maintained. Think about how you live today, plan for aging in place, what hobby or interest do you have that requires space. Be serious, very serious about your budget. Tell me what you will spend not what you want to spend. We will then let you know if budget and design are in alignment. Be patient, it takes time and quality takes even more time. Assemble pictures either in a folder or digital file to share with us. If you have seen a plan that you like the master bathroom, then show me. Now schedule a phone call or face to face meeting, so we can talk it through. Building a home is a team effort. You and we are the team. Teams come together to win. Our win is a good experience and a well-built and beautiful home for you.

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