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Made In America

In the past few months I have participated in three regional trade shows and I began to hear the same two questions from a variety of people. “How much of your products are made in America?” and “Are you American owned?” It seems a new awareness has surfaced with our...

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The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Building A Lifestyle We Call  by Modern Rustic Homes It seems the log home industry has created a perception that we are all about the “kit”. The Kit being a package of materials used to build your log home. To make it a little more coherent, the Kit may include...

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Retreat Home Trends

  Second homes for vacation, retreat or investment have been increasing in part due to the “buyers” market in real estate.  By 2012 that number will top 10 million second home owners in the United States.  A significant number of second home buyers are choosing...

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