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Buy or Build – I Want To Build

Design/Build Process If you decide to have your home designed and built, it is important to do your homework.  First, make a list of the features important to you and then go back to your list and mark those features that you are NOT willing to compromise.  These...

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Buy or Build – How Much Do You Want To Spend?

How Much Do You Want To Spend? Budget plays a major role in deciding if buying or building is best for you.  Even the most modest custom designed home can cost $300,000 or more so if you budget is less than that, you might want to consider looking at available...

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Buy or Build – Understanding The Market

Understanding The Market It is important to understand that home values fluxuate.  As is the case with most markets, the real estate market is determined by supply and demand.  A healthy market will result in a 2.5% to 3% appreciation (or growth in value) each year....

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Buy or Build – What is Most Important To You?

What Kind of Buyer Are You? Price Driven - These are buyers that are driven primarily by price.  It is all about the numbers.  These buyers are willing to make compromises in the size or design of their new home as long as they stay on budget.  As a result, a buyer...

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Buy or Build – Market Trends

So you have decided a new home is in your future and you want to know if you should buy an existing home or design and build a new home.  The answer to that question depends on the prevailing Real Estate Market, your objectives, how much you want to spend, how much...

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“Water Music”

When its right you know it…….After eight years, three different properties, three conceptual designs, added to significant life altering interruptions, our clients, ever in touch with their surroundings, call their new home “Water Music”. This build site is one of the...

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