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Buy or Build – Market Trends

So you have decided a new home is in your future and you want to know if you should buy an existing home or design and build a new home.  The answer to that question depends on the prevailing real estate market, your objectives, how much you want to spend, how much...

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“Water Music”

When its right you know it…….After eight years, three different properties, three conceptual designs, added to significant life altering interruptions, our clients, ever in touch with their surroundings, call their new home “Water Music”. This build site is one of the...

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Crazy Fox Lodge by Modern Rustic Homes

After 28 years of living with the two seasons of “hot and hurricane”, this family was ready for a change of venue.  The decision was strategic.  Move to a place that was equally distanced from family, provided four moderate seasons and access to a major airport.  Not...

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Remember when I said it is better than expected?

  I was not kidding...  We finished Dragonfly Lodge several months ago.  The clients (now friends) are settled in and have a greater appreciation for the meaning of serenity.  Everywhere you turn, you see beauty.  The home has an intelligence about it.  You can...

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Retreat Home Trends

Second homes for vacation, retreat or investment have been increasing in part due to the “buyers” market created by the number of distressed sales in real estate.  The inventory of existing properties has diminished, however the desire for a retreat house has...

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Lake Bluff Lodge – From Start To Finish”

Do you want to better understand what it takes to build a home? Then join us here for the next few months as we break ground & build this lake front home. To kick off this project we sat down with our clients to better understand what they wanted. After gathering...

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