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Ellijay, Georgia, Base camp for healthy living.

Most of our customers have achieved that place in life where they can choose where they live, but more importantly choose the lifestyle they wish to live. For some they chose Ellijay, Georgia. Here you will find an environment more to God''s creation than man's. The...

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Better than expected

One of the rewards in my work is when the result of months and sometimes years of customer collaboration turns out even better than we imagined...such is this Craftsman inspired house we are building in Hiawassee, GA. The curb appeal is terrific and when you enter the...

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Customer Service or Customer Care

This customer service verses customer care position may seem trivial, but I have noticed that my customers want to know that we care about them first, then the service that follows is elevated to a higher level. In a recent client conversation I realized this and was...

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Mini-Seminar & Model Tour

We had a great turnout at the Mini-Seminar & Model Tour this past Saturday. We are grateful to those of you that joined us. Please use this blog to share your thoughts, tell us what you liked, what you would like more of and   ask questions.  Chances are, the...

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Lessons from the Atlanta Log Home Show

Interesting how things seem to balance out. The Atlanta Log and Timber Frame Show this weekend drew a smaller crowd, but they had bigger ideas. Not bigger in scale but bigger in scope. People want a lifestyle that is manageable, honest, and affordable. No more...

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