Water Music, Look out here we come….

When ever you build, the build site will provide opportunities you may not have expected. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.  We have been fortunate.  Once the site was fully excavated, what was to have been a “crawlspace” below the Lodge Room is now “bonus space”.  So what do you do to take advantage of this new found frontier?  I suggested a line dancing studio, or perhaps a space to display a lifetime collection of toy trains, even a media room to seat 60 of your favorite friends.  What ever it will become it will have good daylight, a fireplace and elbow room.  John the homeowner now has an expansive “man cave”.  Much deserved and a pleasant reward for his many years of hard work.  (In a later post I will tell you about Gina’s “fem lounge” to maintain fair and equitable allocation of space.)

The framing is done, the interior spaces are beginning to show definition so John’s and Gina’s minds are in over drive thinking about the many decisions they will need to make.

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