At Modern Rustic Homes we balance the convenience of modern technology with exceptional craftsmanship and time-honored rustic beauty. Our process begins with a focus on YOU!

Step 1) We are the Team

During the first phase of the process, we would like to get to know you. You are a vital part of the team to design and build your dream home. By filling out our application you provide us with all your contact information along with your preferences for design and broad budgetary requirements for your home.

Over the past 30 years, we have built three custom houses. Our experience with Modern Rustic Homes has been the most pleasant and rewarding. If we could script a perfect home building experience, this would be it. Our intuition was…here is a trustworthy, meticulous and professional designer and home builder. I am proud to say that not only did we end up with a spectacular home, but we also ended up with true lifelong friends.

Rich & Susan Haydel

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Green Building

One of our most frequent requests is green building. We use sustainable, renewable, and energy-efficient materials, including high-efficiency windows and doors, high-performance insulation products, solar and geo-thermal alternative energy sources, as well as low-maintenance materials and finishes.

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Step 2) Design

During the conceptual design phase we discuss your lifestyle needs, floor plan and site considerations, as well as the specific architectural style for your future home. This is were the team approach provides a better solution.


If you can describe it, we can draw and build it, always keeping your budget and building system in the forefront of our minds. We begin the journey with concept drawings to capture your ideas on paper, followed by CAD (Computer Aided Design) construction drawings, which detail the architecture and specifications for your new home.

We began looking for a builder who would build us a custom mountain home. We wanted details and design different from the average mountain home. While visiting the Log Home show in Atlanta, we found Modern Rustic Homes. We were overally impressed with their style and designs of the homes. We designed our home from concept, drawings and completion with Modern Rustic Homes. The final product is exactly what we envisioned.

MaryJo Cox

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Choose A Style

We offer a variety of styles, materials and design ideas to work with in order to create the look and feel for the home you have envisioned. By using natural and rustic materials we create a modern rustic home with the charm and comfort we desire in our houses today.  This clean and honest aesthetic is well suited for today’s lifestyle.


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Universal Access

Many of our clients have a need for greater home accessibility. We are able to offer wider door openings, larger, open shower designs, wheel chair accessibility, single level living, and even elevators and lifts. We can accommodate any need you have in the designing of your home.

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Step 3) Build

With approved CAD construction drawings, the building phase begins. We are each working from the same design sketches and drawings to take your home from paper to a completed project.


Most of our clients are looking for a second home, or that last home they have been dreaming about for years. This new home provides you with lifestyle conveniences, low maintenance materials, durable finishes, energy efficient mechanical systems and construction techniques.

This modern rustic home is the reward for your hard work and commitment to living well.

MRH did an amazing job on our lake home. The home site was very challenging, with a 30 foot drop in elevation from front to back, a fairly small and odd-shaped footprint and significant build restrictions. They designed a spectacular home using every square inch of buildable land that incorporated all of our criteria and maximized the lake view from every angle. As a first-time home builder I really appreciated their guidance and extensive knowledge throughout the process — they often thought of things that hadn’t crossed my mind, or were able to improve the ideas I did have.

K. Solomon

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Choose A System

At Modern Rustic Homes, we provide a variety of building systems including Log Homes, Timber Frame Homes, Hybrid Homes and Conventional Constructed Homes. This allows us to select a construction method that works best for your architectural style, budget and site conditions.

Building Systems