Beekeeping Project
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Beekeeping Project

Warre Bee Hive Project We decided to raise some bees to better pollinate our garden.  Here are a few photos of our new Warre Hive. Update:  The girls in the Warre Hive are doing well…..

Water Music, Look out here we come….

When ever you build, the build site will provide opportunities you may not have expected. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.  We have been fortunate.  Once the site was fully excavated, what was to have been a “crawlspace” below the Lodge Room is now “bonus space”.  So what do you do to take advantage of…

Buy or Build – Understanding The Market

Understanding The Market It is important to understand that home values fluxuate.  As is the case with most markets, the real estate market is determined by supply and demand.  A healthy market will result in a 2.5% to 3% appreciation (or growth in value) each year.  However there are other factors that can impact this…