Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use reclaimed materials?

Yes we use a lot of reclaimed materials like mushroom board, vintage heart pine flooring, reclaimed and re-purposed barn wood as well as other materials harvested from structures built decades ago.

Do you have a model homes we can tour?

Yes we do.  We have model homes at our Design & Model Center in Ellijay, GA.  Additionally, many of our past clients are kind enough to allow us to tour their home from time to time.  We also have extensive photography and a few virtual tours of homes we have built. View our Home Builder Gallery.

What is the difference between conventional construction and system-built construction?

Conventional and system-built construction both use materials and methods of framing that are approved by building codes for strength, safety, and durability. The two differ in where they are built: conventional construction takes place on the building site, whereas system-built homes are are partially fabricated in our mill facility and then shipped to the job site for assembly.

Do you take care of all the building permits and inspections?

We take care of everything in all of the states were we are licensed to build.  This includes pulling all the permits for electrical, septic (where needed) and general Home Building Permits for those states and counties that require permits.  We will also work with your HOA (Home Owners Association) and/or ARC (Architectural Design Committee) to provide the necessary documentation and permissions to build in your community.  If you are financing any portion of your new home, we will also work with your lender to schedule inspections and draws while keeping you informed of our progress along the way.

Do you design for accessibility?

Absolutely.  We understand the requirements for “Universal Access” and frequently design and build homes to accommodate special needs.  Many if not most of our clients are planning for a second home and/or their last home and want that home to accommodate their needs for the rest of their lives.  To accommodate this we frequently design and build our homes with wider door openings, none or minimal steps at the entrance, no threshold showers and with elevators which are more affordable today.  Once we better understand your design requirements, your home will be designed and built to meet your accessibility requirements.

What is the estimated cost to build the Falling Waters Cabin?

The cost to build the Falling Waters Cabin will vary depending on where the home is to be built, the finishes selected and site preparation requirements.  Having said that, a budget somewhere between the mid $400’s and the mid $500’s should be anticipated.

Do you build bunk beds?

You bet we do.  We have done multilevel bunkbeds in a variety of sizes and kinds.  You may find a few examples in the portfolio gallery of our web site.  View our Gallery.

Do you build Timber Frame Homes?

Yes we do.  We are distributors for Hearthstone as our timber home provider.

We design and build with many different architectural styles and designs including Heavy Timbers, Log, Conventional and Hybrid (Hybrid being a mix of all three of these architectural styles).  For more details view the architectural styles page.

How long does it take to build a house?

That really depends on what type of project you have. For example, with a system-built project that is going to be completed by the owner, it is usually 8 to 12 weeks from the time of the order to the delivery of the home. For more complex home that we take all the way to completion, it can take as long as 9 months.

When is your next workshop or seminar?

We have 5 or 6 workshops a year and try to schedule these two weeks after a home show or other larger event.  If you would like an invitation to our next workshop or event, please sign up for Newsletter at this link:  Modern Rustic Homes Newsletter

What do you charge to create custom floorplans?

Our residential design services are very reasonably priced.  We charge by the square foot, the complexity of the project and by the specific services each client needs.  Since each project is different, we would want to speak with you to better understand more about your specific project before estimating the cost of our design services.

What is the cost to build the Dragonfly Lodge with and without a basement?

The cost to build the Dragonfly Lodge is impacted by where the home is built as well as the finish selections and site preparation requirements.  Having said that, a budget somewhere north of $600K should be anticipated.

Do you build in Coosawattee River Resort in Ellijay GA?

Modern Rustic Homes is licensed to build in multiple states across the Southeast US with most projects in GA, TN & NC.  We would be happy to discuss providing the design and build services for your project in Ellijay, GA in the Coosawattee River Resort.

What is your process for building?

Great question, thanks for asking.  Modern Rustic Homes has developed a successful design/build process that is executed by an experienced team of professionals who have designed and built homes for over 23 years.  View an outline or our Design and Build Process.

Do you build outdoor living spaces?

Most of our home designs have outdoor living spaces to include, Living Porches, Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Kitchens and other outdoor entertainment spaces.  We began designing outdoor living spaces and fire places over 23 years ago before they were popular.  I guess that makes us a trendsetter. One other trend is for outdoor showers.

Can you modify an existing floor plan?

Absolutely, we do it all the time.  We are a custom design shop and can change any previously designed home to meet the specific requirements of our client.  The house plans we have on our web site are simply a point of reference.  We can make any changes you want.

Do you build boat docks?

Absolutely, we build boat docks for any of those lakes where docks are allowed such as Lake Lanier, Allatoona Lake, Clark Hill Lake, Hartwell Lake, Chatuge Lake, Lake Burton or Lake Blue Ridge.  Unfortunately, some lakes that are managed by the US Corp of Engineers (like Carters Lake) do not allow boat docks.  Other areas (like the Chattanooga River in Tennessee) have varying restrictions for boat docks.   We will obtain the appropriate approvals before beginning construction.

What is your building services area, state and county?

While we have designed homes for clients all over the country, most of our build projects have been in the Southeast USA.  Currently we are building anywhere in GA, TN or NC.

Can I change standard floor plans that are available?

Absolutely! We don’t call them custom homes for nothing. Each standard model can be used as a starting point for an endless number of variations. Walls can be moved, plans can be flipped and built on a crawlspace or on a fully finished basement. It’s your home and it’s all up to you.

We live out of state and are building in GA. How do you keep us up to date with the progress of construction for our home?

Great question.  Most of our clients are from out of town and/or out of state with a few even out of the country.  Understanding this, we have built a process that allows us to collaborate long distance and maximize our time together even if that time is limited to just a few meetings.  For example we use as a collaborative tool to share architectural photography during the design phase of the project.  We also have a “Finish Room” at our Design & Model Center from which to choose all your finishes, textures and colors in one visit with us.  We also use email, Skype, Facetime and other technologies.  This allows us to collaborate and share ideas and photography long distance to accommodate the needs of our clients that have limited time to spend with us.

Can you send me a catalog?

Had you asked that question a few years ago, we would been happy to send you a catalog.  However, with today’s ever changing technology and the vastly growing variety of floorplans and design features, we found that updating our online website made more since to quickly stay in touch with our clients.  There is so much more information we are able to provide online.  Please check out our web site at

Do you have smaller footprint floorplans?

While most of our projects are custom designs and can be any size footprint, we have many floor plans on our web site that may be close to what you want.  Some of our clients start with one of these designs and we modify them to better fit each client’s design requirements. View our Floor Plans

Do you use green construction practices?

Yes, we do.  Green construction means different things to different people. We practice green building and incorporate green building features from Emerald Green to Warm Green.  Emerald Green may include windmills, solar panels, water cistern reclamation, and geo-thermal heat. Warm Green being more cost effective features such as energy efficient windows and doors, spray foam insulation, pre-finished flooring, energy efficient appliances, passive solar gain design as well as recycled materials. We use all these methods to provide a more energy efficient and comfortable home.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed and insured to build in GA, TN & NC.  All of our subcontractors are also required to be insured and if we find a gifted craftsman that is not insured, we insure him or her before they come to the job site.

How involved can I/do I have to be in building my house?

We have a variety of phases in the construction that demand your attention.  This is intended to confirm your preferences for fixtures, finishes and the details of your home.  An example would be cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms.  We consult with you about the cabinet layout, then we need your direction and approval for cabinet door and drawer styles, the color of the paint and/or stain and details for the cabinet accessories.  Lighting fixtures also require your specification so we know specifically which fixture is being used in each room.

Do you build conventional stick built homes?

We design and build many different residential styles including conventional stick built homes.  As well as full log homes, timber frame homes, and Hybrid Homes (Hybrid being a mix of building systems).  You may find more details about the residential styles and building systems on their pages.

Do you build in the Blue Ridge GA area?

We are licensed to build in GA, TN & NC and would be happy to work with you in Blue Ridge, GA.

Do you have openings left for the upcoming event?

All of our workshops are by invitation only and we offer complimentary passes to the home shows where we exhibit.  To assure your seat and get immediate confirmation to the next event, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter.  These subscribers will be the first notified for each event.  You may subscribe here:  Modern Rustic Homes Newsletter.

Do you offer residential design services?

If that is all you need, we would be happy to provide you with just design services.  However, for those clients that need more we offer a variety of services to include Residential Design, General Contracting & Turn-Key Construction as well as interior design services offered all under one roof here at Modern Rustic Homes.

What do you mean by “turn-key” construction?

Turn-key is exactly what it sounds like – when we’re done, all you have to do with your home is turn the key in the front door. We will prepare the build site, rough-in the utilities, finish the carpentry, and even finish the landscaping!

What is your typical build time?

The time it takes to build your home will vary depending on the size and complexity of the home, the construction system chosen, and the weather and site preparation requirements.  An average build time is 8 to 12 months. You can view an outline of our Design and Build Process.

Do you do exterior home renovations?

Yes we do.  Home renovation requirements vary greatly from job to job.  We would first want to better understand the work needed to your home before deciding if your project would be a good fit for our renovation team.  Please give us a call to discuss how Modern Rustic Homes may be helpful for your project.

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