2012…the Beginning is near…


If you have being breathing the past few years you know that 2012 has been a tremendously prophesied year, and according to the Mayan Calendar, time runs out. Notable visionaries have predicted worldwide changes to the Earth’s surface, redefined coast lines and continents divided. Others have interpreted the new year as the beginning of a NEW AGE of enlightenment where we see our place on Earth in a more holistic way, fully connected to ”Mother Earth” and to all of Earth’s population. Whatever you believe 2012 will bring, how you live it is your decision. For myself, I will live it a day at a time, do the best work I can do that day, appreciate ALL that is presented to me as an opportunity to learn, grow and enrich the experience for myself and for the people I encounter that day. So my wish for you is the same. It is your decision, should our paths cross, I will do my best to make it ALL it can be.
2012, I choose to think of it as a New Beginning. Michael Grant

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