Buy or Build – I Want To Build


Design/Build Process

If you decide to have your home designed and built, it is important to do your homework.  First, make a list of the features important to you and then go back to your list and mark those features that you are NOT willing to compromise.  These would be the items you MUST HAVE in your new home.  The other items on the list, while important may be items you are willing to compromise as long as you get most of what you want.  The second homework item is to create a scrapbook of photos that represent the look and feel you want or that point out architectural features that are important to you.  You can create your scrapbook with a simple three ring binder and photos cut from magazines or you may be more comfortable creating your scrapbook electronically.  If you are more incline to want to do this online, may we suggest this site which has thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of architectural accents you can save into an “Ideabook” you can share with your Architectural Designer and/or Builder.  Here is the link:  Modern Rustic Homes on

So What Is A Buyer To Do?

The best thing you can do when faced with a new challenge is find someone that knows more about the ins and outs than you do to guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls you are likely to encounter.  As it pertains to finding or building a new home, getting it financed and helping you stay sane through the process, you might want to consider calling the professionals at Modern Rustic Homes.  They have been through this many times and are uniquely equipped to walk you through the buy versus build options as well as connect you with the right lender that best meets your specific loan requirements.  They even have a  “New Home Concierge” who is responsible for helping through the process.

To learn more, here are a few links that may be helpful:

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