I continue to look for ways to distinguish my business and align myself with like minded people and to provide a service that is above and beyond. At the same time I must keep the cash flowing, satisfy demanding schedules, work within projected budgets and continue to win new business.

The most rewarding way for me to differentiate, to reinvent, to stay relevant is through a process of engaging my client for inspiration. Over the years I have been privileged to have many clients that “get it” and we have become creative partners in the proces of designing their home. It is like communion in that there is a spiritual connection that results in an inspired solution.

Should we have the opportunity to create together, I will do my best to be your design partner, learning from you and guiding decisions that represent the home that represents who you are, what you are about and how you choose to live. To make the end result look good is the easy part.


Oh and by the way, the end of the project is just a beginning for a lifetime of friendship.

Michael Grant, Design Partner

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