Customer Service or Customer Care

This customer service verses customer care position may seem trivial, but I have noticed that my customers want to know that we care about them first, then the service that follows is elevated to a higher level. In a recent client conversation I realized this and was able to communicate my intention and commitment to caring about my clients concerns.

How is this any different than service. Well think of it this way, I go to my doctor for care, not for service. I want to know that she is looking after my best interest. In this case it is my health and well being. When I care for my client, I am looking out for their best interest. I want their home built correctly, with good craftsmanship and that my “house side manner” is comforting and reassuring.

If I take this doctor care comparison a little further, then think of your new home as designed for health, toxic free, filled with light and supportive of healthy living. It is what I would want, it is what I want for you.

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