Ellijay, Georgia, Base camp for healthy living.

Most of our customers have achieved that place in life where they can choose where they live, but more importantly choose the lifestyle they wish to live. For some they chose Ellijay, Georgia. Here you will find an environment more to God”s creation than man’s. The trees are tall, the rivers clean and the air is fresh. These foothills quickly turn into mountains, often occupied with hikers, bikers, kayakers and just unadorned nature lovers.  Gardens are often organic, orchards litter the hills, and trout continue to tease the fishermen and women who enjoy the quest.  If you are a hunter, well then you will also be in heaven.

Regardless of your particular sport or hobby, what remains constant is the desire for healthy living.  It seems common now that so many new citizens to Ellijay pursue a lifelong passion to create, to garden, to volunteer, to make wine, to paint, to woodwork, to walk, to fish, to run, to be at oneness with whatever you wish.  So, for you I wish the same experience.  Come to North Georgia and set up your own base camp for healthy living.  I promise you will be in good company.  If you need a road map to reach us, then just call 706 273-7140.  We will be glad to help.

Michael Grant, living healthy in Ellijay.

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