Floor Plan Design Inspirations For Your Home

Floor Plan Design Inspiration, where does it begin…

At any time, I have 16 to 20 floor plan design clients that are in one phase of development or another. Within each client’s scope of work are many smaller more specific design details to be figured out and to overlay the house plan to complete the project. Occasionally I will bring in another design professional to complement the work I have done, kitchen planners for example.

A Recent Floor Plan Review

Recently I was reviewing my floor plan solution with a client. I described how the floor plan created site lines, how the room adjacencies provided a sense of order and when needed privacy. I pointed out how the swing of a door left or right made a difference in utility and convenience. After we had gone through the plan, my client asks how many projects I had at the time and I related about 16. She then asks me, “With so many projects, where does your inspiration come from?” My immediate response was from you, the client.

The Designer and Client Relationship

Over the years I have been privileged to work with hundreds of clients and no two were the same. Everyone had something unique about them, about how they wished to live in their home, their hobbies or lifestyle. In every case they had a vision and I had the pleasure of helping to bring that vision to reality. One of the rewards for the work I do is the relationship that is formed between designer and client. It must be built on trust. Trust starts by listening. Listening turns into understanding. Understanding becomes knowledge. Knowledge spurs solutions. Good floor plan design solves problems, good design delights your customer.

Floor Plan Design Becomes Communion

Again, my reward beyond creating good design has been the relationship I now have with my clients. Many have become dear friends. My work becomes communion. What is your inspiration? What inspires you to take action? As I have thought about this issue of inspiration I realize it goes way beyond the client. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on what inspires you. Michael Grant Residential Designer

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