Lessons from the Atlanta Log Home Show

Interesting how things seem to balance out. The Atlanta Log and Timber Frame Show this weekend drew a smaller crowd, but they had bigger ideas. Not bigger in scale but bigger in scope. People want a lifestyle that is manageable, honest, and affordable. No more “impressing your neighbors”, but more providing for your family, their safety, security and significance. So why a log or timber frame home? Well what you see is what you get. You can hide poor craftsmanship behind drywall but not in a log home. You know the structural integrity of your home because it is staring you in the face, in a beautiful way. We also want something that is permanent, well crafted, and comfortable. If this resonates with you, then come speak with me. We can create your vision into a home you will be proud of for generations. Michael Grant  www.modernrustichomes.com

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