Remodel​ vs Building

Why Remodeling May Be a Better Solution.

Recently we were asked if remodeling an existing home was better than building a new home.  That seems like a simple question, but the answer is layered in many details that drive that decision.

Putting aside the cost implications, we needed to ask what the customers liked about the house they are considering remodeling.  The answers I got were that they liked their neighborhood, their location, their neighbors and their community.

These are considerations that are not easily replicated if new construction is the final decision – unless you have buildable land in the same area.  Other reasons to remodel quickly are acknowledged, such as the need to grow in place, to accommodate an elderly parent, to create a multi-generational home, to update the home’s style and/or the mechanical systems, to create a home office or hobby room or additional storage, improve energy efficiency and many more….

Ultimately to remodel or not is often an emotional decision.  Once that decision is made it becomes an adventure.

We have made our decision! How do we proceed?

First you need to define the scope of work. What do you want to do?  What are the must-haves? Do you need to move out during construction?  What are the neighborhood or city/county building restrictions? What is your timeline?  What is the look, feel and flow you wish to achieve?  These are decisions best made in a team setting.  Be sure to include all the players involved as they will have a specific need or desire that should be considered.   Be realistic about both time and money.  Allow some “grace time” as you deal with the surprises discovered once you open up the walls.

After you have gathered input from everyone involved, share that information with us.  We become the team to create a winning solution.

How long will it take?

The process to remodel a home requires a lot of “home work”.  In the past, if you purchased an existing home the decisions for fixtures and finishes were more than likely already made for you.  Similar to building a new custom home, you have to source and select all of the appliances, bath and lighting fixtures, interior finishes and colors…the list goes on.  When remodeling in a “historic” neighborhood, the approval process becomes more tedious as you appeal to a variety of departments and associations.  We tell you this not to frighten you, but to help you be prepared.  One other thought about timing: quality takes time.  Be generous with your time and timeline to get the remodel you envisioned.  The quality of the finished project will be remembered far longer than the finished date.

What is this going to cost?

Eventually the project viability will come back to cost.  A few things to think about: Remodeling requires that us to undo something that is already in place.  This will reveal something else that needs to be redone, remodeled or retrofitted.  If you discover damage to the structure or “out of code” conditions, be sure to address the “fix”.  If you have been watching HGTV and take your budget consideration form their programs, be careful.  Remember Love it or list it?  Hillary the designer always runs into something that will push up the costs or timeline.  Again, this reinforces our recommendation that you have your “grace” money to deal with the unexpected.

One other recommendation: be nice.  Our intention is to provide you with a stunning result that is appropriately designed, well created and a great solution.  We aim to please and the project always goes better when we enter the process in a respectful and cooperative way.  So, give it your consideration, allow us to answer your questions and know that we appreciate your interest in Modern Rustic Homes.




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