What is Craftsman Style Architecture

One of the most popular architectural styles requested today is Craftsman.  Craftsman architecture became popular in the early 1900’s and was developed by architects and residential designers such the Greene brothers in Southern California, Sylvanus Marston, Arthur and Alfred Heineman as well as many anonymous architects.  Also called Bungalows, this style of architecture takes much of it’s classical proportions from Greek temples, Japanese and Swiss houses and has blended these design influences into a house the creates intimate spaces inside and out.  This is done by the prevalent use of jerkinhead and shed dormers, entrance porches, courtyards, and gardens to manipulate the spaces.

The spin we have put on this style is to use a mix of rustic materials typically found in mountain homes such as poplar bark, fletch board, logs, rough sawn planks and heavy timbers. Add stone accents and you now have a unique look and feel.  The following plans are examples of the rustic craftsman look that we have built for some of our clients.

Here are other examples of Craftsman Style Architecture


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