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1.The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Wow, what a great Segway to discuss another layer of inspiration

The Build Site

I recently blogged about how inspiration comes from my clients…but as soon as I was finished with my thoughts on how clients inspire me I immediately thought of other sources of inspiration. My next installment is the build site, the spot on this Earth where you choose to build your home.


I have walked hundreds of sites over the years and I always ask the client to tell me about how they selected the property they wish to build on.  The answers all seem to have one thing in common.  Emotion.  In some way the build site stirred up a feeling that could not be denied.  For some it was sentimental, family land that begged for the next generation to keep the tradition going.  Others expressed the feeling of awe they had as they looked across the layers of mountain ranges. Another told me the land spoke to her.  Whatever the reason, I have the privilege of designing a home appropriate to the site.  Now it is my turn to be inspired.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Said, “A house should be of the land, not on the land”.  I could not agree more.  If you have ever visited one (or in my case many) of his houses, then you will get it.  The consummate example for me is Falling Waters in Pennsylvania. This is a national treasure.

What to consider

As I consider a site I think about many things that must come together to make it a good solution.  I look at how we will approach the house.  How will the drive onto the property provide a path to showcase the home?  Will it be comfortable to navigate? Do we go up or down to access the build site?  Do we have a view of water or mountains to capture?  I assess the old growth trees and which ones we need to protect.  What is our sun exposure?  Will it allow us to take advantage of solar gain to help warm the home in winter?  What impact will the site have on materials specifications in order to reduce maintenance?  Does the site support outdoor living space for family gatherings?  The list goes on.

A project my business partner and General Contractor, Joe Dixon and I  recently finished called Big Canoe Lodge (Check it out on our website took advantage of the steep grade, the long range views, the natural vegetation and sun exposure to create home that is spiritual to experience.

So, what was it about the site that emoted a feeling that this is it?  Everyone has a different reason and they are all valid.

Tell me your story about your property, your build site and what inspired you.

Michael Grant

Residential Designer

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