National Podcasting Month, A Look At Our 1st Podcast

Podcasting popularity has been ever increasing since the easy accessibility to DSPs (digital service providers). Spotify, Apple, and YouTube are just a few of the available platforms on which anyone can upload content. Most require a simple email set-up with a link to your podcast content. It’s no wonder that in 2022, a study revealed that 383,678 new podcasts debuted in just the first half. It’s the best way to communicate directly with your audience.

That is why Shepherds Loft has collaborated with Modern Rustic Homes to share our skills and experience in a podcast format. This not only allows us to build a deeper relationship with our audience but also keeps you up to date with trends in the housing market. In our initial podcast, we discussed the harsh realities that we face in the residential construction industry.

In March, the median price of homes reached a new high of 375k. This economic reality has forced buyers to look for alternatives. The home buying process has become a more uncomfortable and uncertain experience. Zillow reports since the pandemic 75% of Americans claim to have buyer’s remorse. Combine that with the rising roadblocks that come along with zoning restrictions, increased labor and lumber costs, qualifying for a mortgage, you have a world of buyers forced to lower expectations or are out of the market all together. The American Dream to become a homeowner has become much more difficult as the true costs are revealed.

It is no wonder that we have a shortage of housing in America approaching 7 million units.

As we consider the subject of Creating Shelter we have recognized most cities have very limited available, affordable or adequate housing. Breaking it down, the concept of shelter is simple: it provides comfort and security. When you grow a family, other factors become increasingly important, and the scale of the needs upwards. Regrettably zoning restrictions, limit the areas you can afford a home. What are you going to do?

You get creative. That is what Creating Shelter is about.  Given the changes in our culture, the realities of zoning restrictions, the aftermath of the pandemic, and the increased costs across the board demand we put our thinking caps on and get to work.  We must use critical thinking as we investigate every facet of housing in America.

Stay with us as we dig into the options, obstacles, and opinions of Creating Shelter.

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